FFA Points System

The Tri County FFA is based on a points system. 

For each activity the member does they get points. These points are totaled up for prizes and rewards at the end of each year. These are what each activity is worth in points.

Points will be void if not recorded within 30 days of the activity. 

Activity Points Chart

Updated 3/2007

FFA Points Form

Starting Date: September 1st calendar year

Ending Date: August 31st calendar year

Seniors Ending Date: Wednesday after State Convention, prior to banquet.

Notebook: All information must be recorded in your sheet in the 3-ring student point notebook. Notebook pages are color coded by grade.

FFA Officer (must attend COLT) 25
Apply for office-not selected 10
Degrees held
Greenhand 10
Chapter Degree 15
State Degree 25
Band and Chorus
National Band 25
Applied but not selected 10
National Chorus 25
Applied but not selected 10
State chorus 20
Applied but not selected 10
State Convention
Attend state convention 15
Leadership academy 15
Leadership workshops 5 each
Convention tours workshops 5 each
Convention delegate                                                     10 per session
State convention FFA convention committee 15
State officer candidate 30
Chapter award interviews at state 10
FFA and Ag Contests
Contest Participant 20
Top 10 individual of contest                                           10 for district
State Finalist  or Gold 20
Career Development Events 20
1st or 2nd place team at districts 15
State Purple 20
Other Contest (Land Judging, Practice livestock judging) 20
Top 10% of contest at district 15
National contest participant 40
State and County Fairs (90 Point Maximum)
Exhibit or show at county fair or progress show 15 for large animals; 5 for small
Exhibit or show at state fair 15 for large animals; 5 for small
Barn duty (gage county fair) 25
FFA awards and honors
Local star award (greenhand or chapter) 20
Apply for local star award but not selected 10
Scholarship pin, record book pin 15
Achievement award 15
Proficiency awards
Local - applying 10
Local - winning 20
State - applying 20
Top three in state 30
Impact workshop 20
Visiting other FFA chapter banquets 20
SAE grant application 10
FFA/FBLA cooperative banquet 20
FFA/FBLA banquet cleanup 10
FFA week activities 15
T-shirt 5
Barnyard large animal 10 (per Species)
Barnyard small animal 5 (per Species)
Attend P.E.A.K. conference 15
MFE conference 15
Tractor driving (local, district, or state) 15
Caroling parties/hayrack rides, etc. (if with a meeting, both do not count) 15
Concessions 15
Help at concessions ˝ the time 5
Set up bulletin board display 15
1. FFA local banquet 20
2. FFA meetings (must list meetings and date) 15
3. Alumni meetings 15
4 .Listed on honor roll 15
5. Listed on honorable mention 10
6. SAE records  
   A 15
   B or C 10
   D 7
7. FFA jacket worn at meetings (must list meeting date) 5
8. Fruit sales 10% of gross sales (Recorded by Parliamentarian)
9. Motion moved at FFA meeting 5; 10 max per meeting
10. Washington leadership conference 40
11. Wear FFA t-shirt to photo day 5
12. COOP NAYI and other leadership conference 10
13. Bringing in a grill, tractor, or trailer, etc, for an FFA activity 15; Max 40 per activity
13. Trash Pickup 15
14. Greenhand Day Participation 15
15.Local Banquet 20
16. Chairman of committee (must list committee 10
17. Attend Committee Meeting 5;10 Max per month
18. Attendance bonus (80% of a single committee’s meetings) 40


                                FFA Points Form