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Media Center Guidelines

The library media center is an educational space for everyone.  Visiting the media center is a privilege.

  • Be respectful of all library media users and staff.
  • Maintain a studious atmosphere.
  • Use computers for academic purposes.
  • Follow the rules in the student handbook.
  • Read! Research! Learn Something New!

Please follow the rules and guidelines:

  • Enter the library media center quietly, sign in and put your pass in the appropriate place. Have the pass signed by the media staff before leaving.
    • Passes are required to use the media center.
    • Do not leave the media center before checking out with the media staff.
  • When visiting the media center independent of a class, only two (2) students may sit at one table.


  • Check out all materials that leave the media center.
    • Books2 weeks (or other arrangements made with the staff)
    • Reference BooksOvernight
    • Vertical Files1 week
    • Magazines1 week
  • Return materials in good condition. Damaged or lost items will be charged at replacement cost.  If a lost item is found and returned, money will be refunded. 
  • Fines are five cents a day for over dues with a maximum of up to $5.00.  Over dues will be printed weekly and distributed through study halls and classrooms.
    • If a student owes over a $1.00, has overdue materials, or has lost unpaid materials, the student may not check out anything until the fines are paid and materials returned.  Students may also work off the fine or make a payment plan with the library media specialist.
  • Books may be renewed as needed if no one has requested the item.

Computer Lab

  • Passes are required from the teacher giving the assignment.  Sign in and put the pass in the appropriate place.  Have the pass signed by the media staff before leaving.
  • If working with another student, have that indicated by the teacher on the pass.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the computer lab.
  • Follow the guidelines of the Computer Network Policy.


  • A student who is disruptive or does not follow the rules will be asked to leave the library media center.  A student, who does not do so peacefully, will lose library media privileges as determined by the library media specialist.