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Demoine Adams 2016

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DeMoine Adams 2016




What choice are you making on a daily basis to make you better?


Choice was the theme of the motivational assembly for students at Tri County Public Schools.  DeMoine Adams spoke to the faculty, 9th -12 grade students, and 4th - 8th grade students.  Demo, as he is called, was defensive end/linebacker for the Nebraska Blackshirts from 1999 to 2002 and earned several honors while attending school at UNL.  DeMoine engaged the students at the start of his presentation by removing his top shirt to show the student body that he was wearing his Tri County Relentless t-shirt that he received last school year when he spoke to the students.


His message of choice centered around the theme of “You win or lose by how you choose”.  He emphasized to students that everyone can be a winner if they make good choices.  During his presentation he asked students the question “what choice are you making on a daily basis to make you better?” and paused to let students think about their personal answer to the question.  Demo talked to students about their individual character and the value of character in their walk through life.  One of his quotes on character was “if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything”.  Leadership is a choice according to Demo and your actions will follow your beliefs and you need to respond to adversity in a positive manner.  Demo was lifter of the year at UNL his senior year of college and showed students his trophy he earned.  Yet, the strongest muscle that people need to strengthen is their heart.  Building the muscle of a strong heart for others is critical for leadership.  He shared with students the difficult choices he had to make as a high school football player from Texarkana, AK to become a successful football player, student, and adult role model. 


DeMoine wanted all students to become academically successful to earn a good job in life.  But, he cautioned that getting a good job is dependent on your IQ but keeping a job is dependent on your EQ.  DeMoine explained that students need a strong knowledge base (IQ) to earn a job but to keep a job and be successful you need a strong EQ (emotional quotient).


The message ended with Demo leading the students in the same pregame ritual that the blackshirts used when he was the captain of the UNL football team.  Booya!!!!