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Safety Planning at Tri County Public Schools

Academics and safety are two important aspects of public education for students and parents.  Learning and preparing students for their post-secondary career is the primary function of a public school setting.  Yet, student safety is a critical aspect of allowing students to focus on their education. During the past few months, safety at schools has been in the forefront of the printed media, social media, and personal conversations.


Tri County Public Schools takes student safety very seriously and safety is part of what the staff and administration do every day.  The district has put in place many safeguards for students and staff to protect them from someone entering the building to do harm. During March, a lockdown took place to practice for an emergency if an intruder were in the building.  Staff members reviewed the procedure with students so they knew it was a drill and what would be expected of everyone in an emergency. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s department sent two deputies to observe the procedure and they both felt that the students and staff followed all of the procedures.  


Listed below are some of the safety procedures that are in place for the district:


Entry doors to the building are locked after the school day starts

Adoption of the NDE Standard Response Protocol for safety

Staff door handles can be locked w/o going into the hallway

Staff and administration train at the start of every school year

The district conducts a safety audit every fall

The district safety committee reviews the audit

The district committee is made up of:

  • county sheriffs
  • county emergency management
  • local fire departments
  • EMTs
  • district patrons

The building safety committee reviews the audit

Drills for fire, lockdown, bus, and evacuation are conducted

The district employs a mental health worker for student support

Students are encouraged to contact administration with concerns

Jefferson County sheriff deputies make regular stops

Entry to the building is gained through an entry system

Cameras are in use throughout the building

Fire doors can be closed to secure the wings of the building

Walls were installed in the elementary for student safety


The school district will continue to seek ways to keep the students at Tri County Public Schools safe.  The administration, staff, and safety committees meet on a regular basis and discuss the needs of the district for the safety of all who are on campus.