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Celebrating the Eclipse in Kindergarten

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Kindergarten has started off the year with a bang!! The students have been learning the rules and routines of school- and got the added bonus of learning about the Total Solar Eclipse during the first week of school.  Students were able to see videos and read stories about the Solar Eclipse.  They also participated in a demonstration to see how the moon blocks the sun's rays to create the Solar Eclipse.  Students used OREO cookies to see the different stages of the Solar Eclipse.  Students were then able to eat the OREO's- what a yummy way to learn about the Solar Eclipse.  The students were also able to visit the Homestead National Monument on Friday, August 18 to see and learn more about the Solar Eclipse from NASA scientists.

The big day occurred on Monday, August 21st.  While the weather did not completely cooperate with us, the students were able to go outside and see how dark it got during the Eclipse.  The outside lights came on for a few minutes, and students were surprised to see the lights on during the middle of the day.  While the students were unable to get the full effect of seeing the Solar Eclipse, they were treated to a visit from two NASA scientists on Tuesday.  The scientists had lost their balloon experiment, and Mr. Gronemeyer helped them retrieve their balloon experiment out of a tree.  The scientists visited Tri County on Tuesday to discuss their experiment with the students, before returning to New Mexico to continue their work.  

Kindergarten students have been extremely busy the first few weeks of school learning many new things.  It is sure to be an exciting and eventful school year!!