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The Tri County FFA announced their 2020 Chapter Proficiency Awards April 15th.  Freshman Carter Holtmeier earned the Star Greenhand Award and senior Alexx Malchow received the Chapter Star in Placement.  Both students received a plaque and medal for their accomplishment.


FFA proficiency awards can be earned on the local, district, state and national levels.  At the local level members earn medals and certificates based on their leadership, activities and their Supervised Agricultural Experience program.  Documentation is recorded in the ag education student’s computer record keeping system.

  1. Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication - Jacob Kapke

  2. Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Entrepreneurship- Trevor Johnson

  3. Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Placement -Ellie Crawford

  4. Ag Services - Hanna Taylor

  5. Auto Technology- Nick Loxterkamp

  6.  Beef Production Entrepreneurship - Gavin Weichel

  7. Dairy Prod. Entrepreneurship - Lucas Weise

  8. Dairy Production Placement - Lucas Weise

  9. Diversified Ag Production - Brevin Damrow

  10.  Diversified Crop Production Placement - Hannah Holtmeier

  11.  Diversified Horticulture -Nicole Vodraska

  12.  Diversified Livestock Prod. Entrepreneurship/Placement - Hannah Holtmeier

  13. Electrical Technology- Jacob Kapke

  14.  Environment Science and Natural Resources Management -Logan Larson

  15. Equine Science Production  Placement - Alexx Malchow

  16. Food Science and Technology - Gracin Hahn

  17. Forage Production- Gavin Weichel

  18. Goat Production Entre./Placement - Bonnie Jantzen

  19. Grain Production Placement - Gavin Weichel

  20. Grain Production Entrepreneurship -Gavin Weichel

  21. Health & Human -Kynlee Uher

  22. Home and Community Development - Andie Koch

  23. Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism - Cassidy Kowalski

  24.  Poultry Production Placement -Jacob Kapke

  25.  Small Animal Production & Care Production Placement -Taryn VanEperen

  26. Specialty Crop Production - Gavin Weichel

  27. Swine Production Entrepreneurship- Hannah Holtmeier

  28.  Swine Production  Placement- Caden Kapke

  29.  Turfgrass Management Placement - Landen Chapman

  30.  Veterinary Science - Alexis Gerritse

  31.  Prepared Public Speaking - Alexx Malchow

  32. Star Chapter Greenhand- Carter Holtmeier

  33. Star Chapter AgriBusiness / Placement- Alexx Malchow