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2021 January "THE ADVISOR"





  • Thank you to everyone who supported the 2020 Tri County FFA fruit/meat/ sales!

  • FFA  Seniors Landen Chapman, Logan Larson and Hannah Holtmeier have applied for the National FFA Scholarship.

  • AG Education Career Development Contests are to be held March 2nd at a site TBA.  Contest sign-up has been posted in the Ag Classroom.  Departure time TBA.  Everyone must be in at least two contests or stay home.

  • The 2021 Nebraska FFA State Degree interviews and record book reviews will be conducted at Tri County High School on Wednesday, Feb. 3.  Advisors will meet at 9:00 am and the schools will report in staggered groups.  Good Luck Tri County FFA Seniors!!  Masks required.

  • Calendar Date:  April 22nd,  FFA Parent-Member Banquet @ 6:30 pm

                            Feb. 20 - 27th is National FFA Week; be watching for theme days!

  • Vice President Logan Larson has been coordinating the Chapter’s effort in the Nebraska State FFA Association “Goose Chase” program.  The activity is to connect FFA Chapters across the state to agri-businesses.  So far he has received three very nice vinyl promotional banners.

  • Seniors applying for their State FFA Degree this year are Logan Larson, Drew Garrison, Landen Chapman, Hanna Taylor, Hannah Holtmeier, Cole Siems, Caden Kapke, Nicole Vodraska, Lucas Weise, Ella Crawford and Andie Koch.

  • Junior and Sophomore Members- the Chapter has six wonderful senior officers graduating.  It will soon be time to elect the 2021-22 officers.  Please consider running for an office.  You will need your AET records in order!!  Applications are now available from Mr. Barnard.

  • The rainbow trout eggs hatched 1/21 in the Ag Dept.!

  • Mr. Barnard has been contacted by an area farmer needing part-time help this summer.  The student needs to have a driver’s license.  Responsibilities include shredding, mowing, general farm labor, etc.  Contact Mr. Barnard asap.



The Nebraska State FFA forwarded the following because of recent confusion regarding State FFA Degree requirements.  Please ask Mr. Barnard if more clarification is needed.

State FFA Degree Community Service Decision Guide



These are examples of participation/engagement rather than service or directly benefit the participant.


These examples represent voluntary activities, provide tangible benefit to the community and do not directly benefit the participant.

Participating in a fundraiser in which the profits benefit the FFA Chapter and/or chapter members.

Participating in a fundraiser organized by the FFA Chapter for which all profits are donated to the local children’s hospital

Organizing and/or participating in a fall leaf clean up at your own home, family business, or a relative’s home

Organizing and/or participating in a fall leaf clean up for a civic building, community park, church/place of worship at which you are not a member or for community members in need.

Volunteering as a scorekeeper, manager, concession stand, etc. for your school’s sports team, band, play, assembly, choir, etc.

Volunteering as the unpaid coach, scorekeeper, manager or referee for a community sports team, band, choir, dance troupe, etc.

Playing on a sports team or participating in a club, band, scout troop, church choir, etc. 

Participating in community service activities with or organized by a sports team, club, band, scout troop, church choir, etc. 

Participating in or conducting religious worship services/practices such as performing in choir, band, play, re-enactment, providing clerical services; proselytizing; teaching religion classes; etc. 

Participating with or as part of a religious organization/group/congregation to provide meals, build homes, teach non-religion classes (English language, employment skills, homemaking skills, etc.). 

Cleaned school shop windows as required service to make up for truancy or citizenship demerits or through court order.

Volunteer to clean windows at a local library. 

Showing your own or assisting others to show animals at a livestock show for an award or to sell. 

Serve as a volunteer to organize/conduct a community education event/display at a livestock show or fair. 

Train fellow FFA Chapter members for competitions, events, offices, etc. 

Provide training to members of a 4-H club of which you are not a member. 

Serving as an officer in FFA, 4-H, scouts, Glee Club, etc. 

Time spent planning, organizing and conducting a community service project as an officer or member of an organization/club/group. (Cannot be double counted as an FFA or SAE activity for other degree requirements.) 



Important things to remember when entering community service hours:

  • Must put down, WHO, the student is working for. 

Ex of a good entry:

Hastings Food Pantry   boxed food items and organized food items for donation 2 hours



Twenty-six students enrolled in Agriculture Education classes at Tri County High School competed in five team events and five individual events at the District 5 Leadership Development Contests on January 20th.  The competition for the 16 District schools was held at the Holthus Convention Center in York.  All the contests were state qualifying for the Nebraska FFA Convention in April.


The group had two state qualifiers in Agriculture Literacy Speaking.  Brooke Morgan brought home the 1st place gold with her speech on “Aquaculture - Agriculture’s New Frontier”.  Classmate Meila Gronemeyer earned second place and the silver medal.  Her speech was entitled, “To Bee or Not To Bee”.


In the Agriculture Discovery Speaking, Sydney Brauer won the gold medal and qualified for state.  Her topic was, “Cattleman Getting Rich?”.  Kennadee Van Winkle also brought home a purple ribbon for this event.  Kennadee’s topic was, “ Animal Nutrition''.


 In the Conduct of Meetings Parliamentary Procedure contest, the 9th grade Parliamentary Procedure team of August Gerlach, Evan Quackenbush, John Wehrman, Ellinor Peters, Lucas Lewindowski, Kaden Van Winkle and Dusty Kapke won the 3rd place purple ribbon and placed as District State Alternate.  Gerlach was the team’s chairperson. Each team member will receive a bronze medal.  The 9th grade Conduct of Meetings team of Jonah Schwab, Colten Placek, Caden Bales, Cassidy Thavanet, Evelyn Baker, Caitlin Franzen and Tayden Gronemeyer earned a red ribbon.  Jonah Schwab chaired the team.


The Tri County Senior Parliamentary Procedure team of Cole Siems, Brevin Damrow, Gracin Hahn, Landen Chapman, Drew Garrison and Gavin Weichel earned third place and they were also alternate to state.  Siems chaired the team.  Each team member earned a bronze medal. The Ag Demonstration team  Ella Crawford and Andie Koch received a purple ribbon.  Their topic was on “Hydroponic Grow Towers”.


Juniors Emerson Schultis, Emily Thavanet and Mya Maxwell earned a blue ribbon in the Ag Demonstration competition.  Their topic was on “Grain Condition Testing”.


  Chapter President Hannah Holtmeier brought home a purple in Job Interview competition placing 4th out of 20 students.  Ellinor Peters won a blue ribbon in Junior Public Speaking.  Her topic was, “Women In Agriculture”.  Junior Carter Holtmeier won a purple ribbon for his 3rd place finish and a purple ribbon in Natural Resources Speaking.  He is the alternate to the state also.  Carter’s topic was, “Prescribed Burning- Nature’s Management Tool”.  He received a bronze medal.


The Chapter would like to thank Mr. Kirk Holtmeier, Mr. Vern Jantzen, Mr. Ryan Clark, Mrs. Amy Gerlach, Mrs. Kelly Smith and Mr. Brett Scheiding for their help with the contest preparation.  Farmers Cooperative, the Lower Big Blue NRD and the NE Game & Parks also helped the demonstration teams.



Mr. Barnard is certified to coordinate YQCA training for area FFA and 4-H youth planning to show livestock in 2021 at county, area and state shows.  A YQCA training will be held starting at 1:15 pm on Thursday, Feb. 11th in the Tri County Ag Classroom.  Tri County schools have an early out due to the Parent Teachers conference.  Students must be registered before the training on-line.  If you have questions contact Mr. Barnard at school or his email.  Masks are required for the training.

To register for the YQCA training, please log-in or sign-up on https://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/Login, and follow the instructions to register. The instructor-led course cost $3.00 and you must “purchase” the course to sign-up/attend.



From Mr. Ryan Hasselbrook

Ag Ed Team:


I wanted to share an important state fair scheduling update with you. The State Fair Board unanimously voted this morning to move forward with the 4-H and FFA shows being on separate weekends for the 2021 fair as they were during the 2020 state fair. The 4-H shows will take place during the opening weekend of the fair and the FFA shows will take place during Labor Day weekend of the fair. 


Discussion of this change during the State Fair Agricultural Committee meeting earlier in the week was extensive. Feedback from the 2020 fair was overwhelmingly in support of the split. But we also understand that it creates challenges and tough choices for some families. The fair Agricultural Committee is committed to creating the best experience possible for our youth and keeping that at the forefront.




Proficiency Awards are based on an FFA member Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (S.A.E.), leadership skills/involvement and classroom contributions.  Our Chapter will recognize deserving individuals at the Member-Guest Banquet in the spring.  Winners receive a medal and certificate.  The Chapter Advisor will determine worthy candidates.  If more than one application per award area is submitted, then TC Alumni input will be sought out.  You can win in more than one area.


Many times the best candidate is not the individual who makes the most money but the individual who makes the best use of the opportunities they are given.  It is important to take the time and apply.  You will not receive recognition if you do not apply.  Applications are due no later than March 25th and are now available from Mr. Barnard.


This is the first step.  FFA Proficiency Awards are recognized on the district, state and national levels.  Plaques and dollar stipends are awarded on the higher levels.  It is great to have Tri County FFA members on the stage at Pinnacle Bank Arena!