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Retiring Tri County FFA President Holtmeier presided over the 2021 FFA Spring Awards Night on April 22nd.  The annual event was held at the High School Auditorium beginning at 7:00 pm with 52 members present.  President Holtmeier opened the evening by welcoming the group. 

The 2020-2021 Officer Team conducted opening ceremonies and 9th grade member Kaden VanWinkle presented the American Flag.  Secretary Nicole Vodraska introduced the invited guests.  

Senior members Andie Koch and Ella Crawford awarded Appreciation Plaques to Mrs. Jane Lintz, Mrs. Amy Gerlach and Mr. Kirk Holtmeier for their contributions to the TC FFA this year.  Mr. Kyle Spilker presented the DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award to senior Hannah Holtmeier.  The award recognizes the outstanding senior member based on academic, leadership and FFA participation.  Hannah was awarded a plaque and certificate.  Mr. Spilker then presented the 2021 Tri County State Degree recipients with a plaque from the Tri County FFA Alumni. These recipients were Ella Crawford, Andie Koch, Nicole Vodraska, Logan Larson, Cole Siems, Drew Garrison, Hanna Taylor, Hannah Holtmeier, Landen Chapman, Caden Kapke and Lucas Weise.

Farmers Cooperative representative Brian Scherling awarded the $1000.00 Farmers Cooperative Scholarship to Hannah Holtmeier.  Mr. Tom Bass, First Tri County Bank CEO & President, awarded $200.00 Ag Accomplishment Scholarships to seniors Drew Garrison, Cole Siems, Caden Kapke, Logan Larson and Andie Koch.

Advisor Dave Barnard presented ag education students in each grade  outstanding scholarship pins.  Receiving a pin were: Freshman Kaden VanWinkle, Sophomore Carter Holtmeier, Junior Gavin Weichel and Senior Cole Siems. Mr.Barnard handed out a Leadership Pin to senior Lucas Wiese. Mr. Barnard then highlighted the Chapter’s 2020-2021 accomplishments and Logan Larson handed out ribbons and medals.

A new award was presented to five freshman members.  The Tri County FFA First Year Ag Accomplishment Awards were given to August Gerlach, Kaden VanWinkle, Ellinor Peters, John Wehrman and Dusty Kapke.  The funds for the grants were from memorial monies given by the Rodney Wiese and Galen Plihal families.

Mr. Vern Jantzen awarded the Tri County FFA Alumni Scholarship of $500.00 to Landen Chapman.  Parliamentarian Gavin Weichel awarded the FFA Chapter Scholarship of $250.00 to Holtmeier.  Mr. Barnard announced the Chapter Star Awards.  Hannah Holtmeier received the Star Farmer Plaque and Caden Kapke received the Star Ag Placement Plaque.  Landen Chapman earned the Chapter Star in Agribusiness.  Freshman August Gerlach won the Star Greenhand plaque.  Advisor Dave Barnard presented the 2021 Chapter Proficiency Awards. (attached)

The 2021 Tri County FFA Officers were installed. They are President: Brevin Damrow;  Vice-President: Gavin Weichel; Secretary: Emerson Schultis;   Treasurer:Emily Thavenet;  Reporter: Mya Maxwell; Sentinel: Carter Holtmeier;  Parliamentarian: Grcin Hahn.  Mr. Barnard presented a Senior Salute slide show highlighting five graduating members.  New President Brevin presided over Closing Ceremonies.

  2021 Tri County FFA Proficiency Award Recipients

  1. Ag Communications-Carter Holtmeier

  2. Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication- Drew Garrison

  3. Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Entrepreneurship- Trevor Johnson

  4. Ag Processing-Gracin Hahn

  5. Ag Sales Placement-Andie Koch

  6. Ag Services - Hannah Taylor

  7. Auto Technology-Nick Loxterkamp

  8.  Beef Production Entrepreneurship- August Gerlach

  9. Beef Production Placement- Hannah Holtmeier

  10. Diversified Ag Production-Caden Kapke

  11.  Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship - Gavin Weichel

  12.  Diversified Crop Production Placement - Trevor Johnson

  13.  Diversified Horticulture-Logan Larson

  14.  Diversified Livestock Prod. Entrepreneurship/Placement-Hannah Holtmeier

  15.  Environment Science and Natural Resources-Nicole Vodraska

  16. Equine Science Production  Placement-Emerson Schultis

  17. Equine Science Production Entrepreneurship- Kinsley Fletcher

  18. Food Science and Technology-Ella Crawford

  19. Forage Production - Gavin Weichel

  20. Forest Management and Products - Tayden Gronemeyer

  21. Goat Production Entre.- Ellie Peters

  22. Grain Production Placement-Gavin Weichel

  23. Grain Production Entrepreneurship - Gavin Weichel

  24. Health & Human- Emily Thavenet

  25.  Poultry Production Entrepreneurship- John Wehrman

  26.  Sheep Production Entrepreneurship.- August Gerlach

  27.  Small Animal  Care Placement - Taryn VanEperen

  28. Specialty Crop Production - Gavin Weichel

  29. Swine Production Entrepreneurship-Carter Holtmeier

  30.  Swine Production  Placement- Caden Kapke

  31.  Turfgrass Management-Landen Chapman

  32.  Vegetable Production Entrepreneurship/Placement-Nicole Vodraska

  33. Wildlife Production &  Management Entrepreneurship - Kaden VanWinkle

  34. Prepared Public Speaking- Carter Holtmeier

  35. Chapter Star in Production - Hannah Holtmeier

  36. Chapter Star in AgriBusiness - Landen Chapman

  37. Chapter Star in Placement - Caden Kapke

  38. Chapter Star Greenhand - August Gerlach