December 2022


The TeamMates Mentoring Program was started by Tom and Nancy Osborne in 1991 with the vision to help middle school students succeed. At the time, Coach Osborne had 22 of his UN-L football players meet with students of Lincoln Public Schools. Twenty-one of those students went on to graduate high school and eighteen of them obtained some form of post-secondary education.  Since then, TeamMates has grown to include over 190 different chapters serving more than 12,000 students throughout Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa and Kansas. 

Tri County Public Schools is starting its seventh full school year with an official TeamMates Mentoring Chapter. At the end of December, 56 mentors were matched with mentees in grades 3-11!  As awesome as this is, we are always in need of more mentors! 

Recruiting mentors and donations to fund the program is an ongoing process undertaken by the Board of Directors. If you would like more information about becoming a mentor, please contact any individual on the TeamMates Board of Directors (listed below) or Dave Rosenbaum, program coordinator. If you would like to donate funds, you can do so from the Tri County web page. Please look at another link (see “How to Donate”) under the TEAMMATES tab on the website for instructions. Cash or check donations are always appreciated. You can send them to Tri County TeamMates 72520 Hwy 103, DeWitt, Ne 68341. 

Thank you to all that have helped to make this opportunity available for our students! TeamMates CAN and WILL do great things for the students at Tri County!

Tri County Chapter of Teammates Board of Directors

Brad Garrison

Jesse Gronemeyer

Claire Wollenburg

Judy Hatcliff

Dave Rosenbaum

Tracy Holsing

Amanda Thimm

Cari Buss

Rachel Chapman

Daryl Riesen

Kay Wollenburg

Brian Smidt

Kyle Thernes

Dr Tiffanie Welte

Erica Barela





Program Coordinator