animal picture

Excitement buzzed through Tri County's third-grade classrooms as students embarked on a special project all about animals. With the Lincoln Children's Zoo as their guide, they set out to learn about different creatures and get creative along the way.

Each student picked an animal from the zoo to study. They dug into books, databases and websites to find out all about their animal's physical characteristics, habitat, diet, life cycle and other interesting facts. It was like being detectives uncovering animal secrets!

But the fun didn't stop there. Using stuff found at home like cardboard and paint, the kids built models of their animals. From foxes to frogs, every creation was a masterpiece of imagination.

Now, the big adventure awaits! Next week, both classes will visit the zoo. Armed with their knowledge, they'll hunt for their chosen animals among the zoo's wonders. It's like a real-life treasure hunt!

This project isn't just about animals—it's about curiosity and creativity. These third graders are showing us that learning can be fun and exciting. So, let's cheer them on as they explore the wild world of animals!

animal pictureanimal pictureanimal pictureanimal pictureanimal picture